Monday, January 9, 2012


2012 finds me living on the East coast. I am a mountain girl. Moreover, a desert-mountain-girl. I have grown up to thrive on open sky and the wildness of the West.

This place doesn't feel like home. I am learning the importance of impermanence. I am excavating the heart of who I truly am, without attachment to definitions of home and place. I am coming to know this process as either pain or freedom, depending on my degree of gratitude and surrender in any given moment. This is beauty...all of my favorite colors.

The Atlantic provides the same comfort of a strangers' smile in a foreign land. The colors here are friendly and the light brings deep silent inspiration. If I cease resistance long enough I can feel the faint whispering of the salty air, the clean and vibrant sun reminding me.

Winter has delivered it's permission slip for rest and ease. Standing on the shores of the mightily frigid salty sea, her ferocity chills as wind whips through me, hollowing me out and making room for whats to come. Or perhaps teaching me to find a place to rest in the emptiness.


  1. I think you should write a book. I love what you do with words. :)

  2. Thanks Sahrah....maybe this is the start of that :)

  3. mmm...thanks for sharing this--having moved 3o odd times in my life, i envy your having had a sense of home--even as you now have to lose it and develop a new one--i hope that all the newness can be inspiring! that you create new and different art than you could have found here--feel free to keep me posted!

  4. I had no idea you've moved Katrina. I started out on the East coast myself, you'll come to appreciate it. I'm following your blog and looking forward to hearing more.