Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Continuing My Work

I am a healer. I was born this way.

Finding the language to explain or describe what this means has always been a challenge for me. I grew up with certain gifts and sensitivities that haven't always been easy parts of myself to accept.

When I was a kid I would be playing at a friends house and I'd "hear" my mom telling me I needed to call her right away. Many miles away, she always answered the phone surprised, with a "How Weird". When I asked her at age 8 what those bright and colorful lights around people were she gave me a strange look and I knew she didn't know what I was talking about. In high school my friends teased me for talking to plants. I thought I was crazy for many years. So did my family.

After an extremely difficult struggle with depression in my early 20's I was done. Exhausted and with no hope for a "normal" life I took an overdose of prescription medication. I awoke in the hospital the next morning, angry that I had been saved.
I looked in the mirror and what I saw and heard in my reflection changed my life forever. I "heard" my highest self say, "You aren't finished here yet. You'd better find what your here to do and get to it, or your life will continue to be hell."

Over the next ten years I devoted myself to healing, self-acceptance, honing my gifts, and doing what I'm here to do. Everything just sort of fell into place. And now, at 30 I am really excited about and proud of what I once felt ashamed of. I am now using the gifts and sensitivities along with the healing tools I've been given to make a difference in the lives of others. This is the best job ever! I feel so honored and joyful that this is what I get to do in this life.

From one of my clients and students:
I started working with Katrina about a year ago. When I came to her I was suffering from chronic depression and anxiety. I had been on Prozac and Colazepam for 3 years, and other medications for several years prior. I had no idea what to expect from her work. I new nothing about chakras or metaphysical healing practices of any kind. In fact, prior to our first session, I apologized in advance just in case I started laughing.

By the end of our first session, I knew that something special had happened. I felt a sense of balance and calm that was new for me. But watching my life change over the next couple of weeks was the most interesting. Things just fell in to place easier.

After 3 months of working with Katrina I was drug free for the first time in probably 9 years. I believe this is the direct result of her energy work. But perhaps more importantly, she taught me the importance of being fully present in my life and how to take responsibility for my own healing. She taught me the skills I needed to be my own healer.

One year later, my life feels completely different. I feel connected. I feel inspired. I feel grateful. I'm discovering purpose and meaning in my life. I have a better sense of my true path and the courage to step onto that path.

I am discovering magic and enchantment everywhere I look, thanks to Katrina and I am forever grateful.

Morgan Case

"Not by me but through me!"

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